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Biography - Gail McCabe


Gail McCabe lives in Atlanta where she is the Executive Director at CreativeMediaMatters, where she works as a visual story-teller, bringing business and human interest stories to life, working with agencies like Veterans Affairs, the Centers for Disease Control Division of Global Health, the office of Minority Health as well as local businesses. Additionally, she utilizes her extensive experience as a media consultant and broadcast trainer.


Ms. McCabe earned accolades as a well-recognized contributor to the American Forces Radio & Television Service broadcast network, establishing herself as one of Department of Defense's top producers/communicators.


During her extensive career, Ms. McCabe earned the trust and confidence of DoD Leadership as well as civilian and military members serving around the glob, attributes she currently uses with numerous clients in her position at CreativeMediaMatters. Her reports have and continue to provide insight on strategic goals and challenges faced by U.S. government agencies and home-grown companies.


Her award-winning productions as a visual story-teller have brought clearer understanding into many high-profile missions. She has brought context to the many diverse challenges faced by the U.S. military in complex operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Africa, South and Central America, India, Vietnam, and across the United States.


Most recently, her productions are increasing awareness for the Office of Minority Health and their campaign for national health equity, the Department of Veterans Affairs in their drive to reduce suicides, and highlighting CDC Hometown Diplomats working overseas. She is a charter member of the Government Video Expo Advisory Committee.


Ms. McCabe is the Army's first civilian broadcast journalist to have been selected to participate in Training With Industry (TWI) with CNN, at their Atlanta-based World Headquarters. She holds numerous Army, DoD and Industry awards. She is an inductee into the Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame, a recipient of the Secretary of Defense's Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service, and is a two-time recipient of the Defense of Freedom Award for injuries sustained covering combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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