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We shoot and edit

on all formats: from high definition to 4K

At CreativeMediaMatters, we specialize in identifying the passion that makes your business unique and bringing that vision to life. We are a full service media production company from initial concept development to final post-production. Whether it's a documentary, corporate video, capturing interviews, photography, developing PSA's, TV news or written features, we have what it takes.


We're proficient in developing segments that are ideal for social media platforms as well as more in-depth presentations. We take pride in helping you identify and tell our story in a way that is compelling, informative, educational and inspirational for your target audience.



Site Surveys


Program Concept & Development


Video Acquisition

Audio Capture

Talent Engagement

Scene Setting








Color Correction

Audio Syncing

Music Tracks



Cost Efficient 

Our competitive video production costs  includes access to our extensive libraries,

From video, images, music,  as well individual specialized graphics.

Production can be done in the field or in the studio.

We work with your budget in mind.

Our services

We work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way, identifying your key messages, helping you pinpoint where

your images will have the greatest impact. Whether it's capturing visuals in the field, conducting interviews in the studio

or adding a polished look in post-production, our focus is giving you the best product on all levels.

At CreativeMediaMatters, we work hand in hand with our clients bringing their stories to life in a way that educates, informs and entertains.  


Our goal is to create high quality, engaging visuals that convey our clients' skills, expertise and passion.




What we do

We are a full service media production company

We provide all  the elements you'll require for your production;

creative briefs, images, scripts, voice overs, music and animated graphics.

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